"Being a photographer is both satisfying and lots of fun. Being able to take photos of special events and make peoples' portraits look beautiful is a fantastic feeling, and throwing my creativity into it makes the process even more enjoyable. Working hard at each event or session leaves me with a great sense of accomplishment, but in the end I'm always left wanting more of the satisfying work! Seeing clients happy after I've given them their final images never gets old. All in all, working hard as a professional photographer while also having fun along the way is an incredibly rewarding experience."

"I believe in the story behind the image"

Michael's unique perspective and energetic approach set him apart from other photographers in the industry. He has a dedication to customer service and a passion for making art that is evident in his work. Michael's clients have praised his ability to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, as well as his skill in capturing natural moments during their events. When he's not photographing amazing people, Michael can be found traveling the world with his camera.