• Michael Phillips

Baja day 20

It’s complete blackness outside the trailer, the sound of the high tide waves are gently crashing from the sea of cortes on the beach, and the steady ‘oompah’ of a tuba keeping time for Mariachi cannot not be heard from a distance. The lights are dimmed inside and a grapefruit scented candle burns. Christmas day on the beach is coming to a close and I take note that I live a strange life.

Just a week ago I was with the Eddys in Cabo, the family that’s been hosting and babysitting for me during a nice little chunk of these odd 2 years. With them I experienced the resort life as they stayed with family at a timeshare. While I enjoyed the pampering of pool time, dinner out and drinks constantly, I always felt the pull of the road. When the Eddy vacation was over we both left for the same destination. They took a taxi to the airport. I hid the RPod by the Hotel Aeropuerto as I maintained the Jeep and trailer for the next leg of this journey. To be perfectly honest I could not get out of Cabo San Lucas quick enough, I’m just not good at being a tourist.

I meet people along the way, usually couples. Some are promoting their travel blogs or vlogs of van file, some are families on vacation, some are traveling with dogs and doing the best they can with their fur-baby baggage. I relish every conversation. It does get lonely on the road. Music and podcasts and books keep me company. Every day I meditate and workout and this too calms the mind and helps me enjoy every moment of my peaceful journey. And I certainly don’t know what I’d do without my camera, together we hunt and sometimes we find a proper target.