• Michael Phillips

Baja day 8

Sitting on the step of the RPod sipping my coffee overlooking the crashing waves of the Pacific. Another beach all to myself. My new travel companion is a very Mexican looking dog sitting and watching the waves with me. She has a belly full of canned chili I gave her a moment ago. While it looks like she’s a friend passing time with me she’s actually waiting to see if a third helping of food might arrive. When it doesn’t she wanders off along the coast, her massive and full nipples swaying with her stride.

Taking life slow was never my thing. Even when I’m traveling I wake with the desire to tackle the day, accomplish as much as possible. Today is today 8 on this journey, I intend to do 60. There is nothing but time. Taking the time to meditate, to read, to photograph, taking the time to just be, this is the mission. I get better at it every day. If I can accomplish this mission I think it will help me in the long term. I worked hard when I was back in Las Vegas, taking as many jobs as possible, building a business, and working towards… I’m not quite sure what. At times I feel guilty being here. I have friends and family back home busy and working to pay bills and keep up a lifestyle. And I remember time and again that we all have our paths to follow.