• Michael Phillips

Do I have something to say??

I've been at the photography game now for nearly 15 years. I've learned to use my camera in so many ways. I've built what seems like a hundred websites I was never emotionally invested in. I've struggled at times with finding meaning in my chosen craft. I haven't attempted blogging since I worked for Digs Studio a long, long time ago, which we did mainly for self-promotional purposes. I don't promote myself on social media. Truth be told I don't like social media and I think Instagram has ruined my favorite pastimes of photography & travel.

Yet here I am and here you are reading this. I am committed to blogging regularly. I know now that I need to. For my business, but much more importantly I realize, to tell my story. In the past I would have told you (in a very self deprecating way) that I don't have a right to tell a story in the first place. That I've lived a selfish and meaningless life. Through a long time on my own I've learned to 'get over myself.' I meditate every day. I've built a daily routine that focuses on my mental and physical health. I've re-committed myself to my business and my craft. And now, I will blog.

I'm sure I will post self-promotional work, who/what event I've been shooting. More importantly this blog will serve as a place to recount memories, send love to old friends who I know I've neglected in the past. And I'll post pictures that I never in the past thought had any value to see the light of day.

I haven't sought attention for my work (or myself for that matter) in the past. But today I launch this website and a blog and I actually hope you'll subscribe to it. I promise to attempt to add something of value at least once a week. I'll tell a story, share a photo, even a song or two when the mood moves me. With all humility I will attempt to put some content out there that makes someone's day a little brighter. That is a vulnerable, uncomfortable position for me to be in. Out of my comfort zone... all the more reason to do it. I hope every now and again you'll read, comment, and go easy on me ;)

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