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Meet The Colemans, some of my favorite people.

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

COVID times bring out different things in everyone. Some are eating and drinking too much and gaining the "COVID 19." Some are trying to make the best of it. Taking care of their bodies and minds and finding new interests and hobbies. I myself am trying to grow as a person and come out the other end of this time a better person.

So while I've dedicated myself to blogging regularly I have begun digging up photos. Some from way back since I was a little kid, some from just this past year. And I just came across the Colemans in the process.

Meet Jason, his wife Shannon, their beautiful children Ainsley, Leland and Phoenix. And let's not forget the menagerie of pets (glad to see old Lola still kicking) and the new edition a whole chicken coop filled with very funny and affectionate chickens.

Ainsley is the keeper of the coop, extraordinarily educated in chicken care and behavior and I adore her for it. With a little help from mom we put together a studio shoot with the chickens right there in the backyard and it was a fun, silly, if not messy time.

Jason, my old homebrew partner was busy as usual making beer. If I didn't drink so much of Coleman's brew I would have given him a hard time for not helping wrangle these fluffy squawking egg laying machines.

When I was living some hard times, the Colemans were there. When I needed a cooking assistant, 3 year old Phoenix was there (he's way over being my sous chef now!). When I needed exercise I chase mischievous Leland around the house. Little Ainsley never ceases to surprise me with her curiosity and intelligence and Shannon makes life a little lighter with her infectious laugh. As for Jason, he is my blueprint for what a father, scholar and good friend should be.

I miss them to pieces and excited to make my way to their backyard for good times. And free eggs. See you soon family.


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