Workshop FAQs

What experience level do I need to be for these trips?


All levels from beginner to pros are welcome and able to take part in our shoots. Our workshops are kept to a maximum of 15, large enough to make it a great social experience but small enough that different levels can get hands on education directly from me. For the more experienced photographers, you will be put in a place and time to get great shots with or without assistance.


What equipment do I need to bring?


While a complete newbie without serious interest could have lots of fun with an iPhone, I highly recommend a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a wide angle and zoom lens. I also highly recommend a tripod for creative slow shutter speed shots.


Should you need to rent gear we can send you a shopping list and a couple of reliable companies to rent from. A complete gear checklist will be provided upon registration.


How should I pack?


As a traveler of many years my advice is: bring less than you think you need to! The more you bring, the more you carry. And you usually don’t need much, we’ll handle plenty for you.That being said, every trip is a unique travel experience. Sometimes a roller bag is just fine and for some you really need a backpacking bag. A complete pack list will be provided upon registration.


Who goes on these trips?


Generally, amateur photographers looking to build their portfolio. But as you can see the workshops here were designed to attract people looking for an adventure, something different than a touristy experience and not a traditional workshop. I was a solo traveler for years and while I always made friends that have lasted a lifetime, it was at times lonely. I hope to bring like-minded adventurers and photography enthusiasts together fo a unique and memorable time. Landscape photography required early mornings and climbs up hills. There’s physical demands and the requires people who are generally healthy with a positive attitude. These are people I enjoy the best anyway!


How much photography are we talking about here?


We have set aside time for specific shoots to capture the spirit of the location. The idea is to set you up for success. There will also be education classes including post production and time for you to work on your images. This is not just a photography workshop. It’s a full experience. While you will collect great imagery, this is intended to be an adventure and a un experience. Expect time to hang out mid-day, see sites, eat great food and drink with new friends.


How many will attend?

Expect a maximum of 14 plus me and another adventure facilitator. This keeps groups small but really social and gives you the opportunity for plenty of close instruction when you want it. A minimum of 8 attendees will be necessary to make this a viable plan. Number of spots available will be reflected here on each individual workshop’s page.


How do I get there?


You are responsible to plan your own flight, but we will provide some recommended flights depending on your location and the workshop destination. We will offer a couple of pickup times from the destination airport to bring you to where we are staying for the duration of the workshop. The idea being that once you arrive, we take care of the rest.


How do I book?


We require a $1000 deposit to secure the trip. This deposit is refundable up to 30 days before the workshop’s first day. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the workshop’s first day. Along with your first payment will be an introduction questionnaire to fill out so we can get to know a little about you, your photography experience level and what you want to get out of this experience. You will also receive the basic schedule of the workshop, planning checklists and lots of information on how to prepare for the destination and what to specifically expect.


Can I pay in monthly installments?


You can. You’ll see this option upon our online booking.


Do you recommend travel insurance?

We include travel insurance for you XXXXXXX


Are you insured?

Yes, under our travel insurance XXXXXXXXXX is included.


Can I bring my wife/husband/partner/bestie?


+1s are always welcome and with a discount. Save a few bucks by booking for 2. The discount will be reflected in your online booking.


I still have questions. How can I get them answered?


I would love to discuss any details, concerns or even just have a chat to get to know you and make sure that the workshop you’re interested un is right for you. Leave a message on the contact page and expect a prompt reply where we set up a 1 on 1 call or zoom meeting.


Could a workshop be cancelled?


In a post COVID world, expect anything! Should there be some act of God, any emergency, or just low interest in a certain workshop that would not cover costs we will need to cancel the event and will refund 100% of money paid.


What else do I need to know?


Every workshop is a new adventure with its own demands and challenges. You’ll find specific FAQs on each workshop’s page here on the website.